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How to Prepare for Wedding Photography

When capturing your wedding, a great photographer will know exactly how, where, and what to document.

From the first to the last dance, wedding photographers need a plan for a couple's big day. Get insight on preparing for the formal photo shoot and capturing candids.

Photography is only part of the equation when it comes to weddings.

It's called "The Big Day" for a reason. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort. These logistics don't just apply to the ceremony, the cake, or the conga line.

In order to get the best wedding photos, even the best wedding photographers must juggle multiple locations, lengthy shot lists, and a large wedding party in a limited timeframe. When the best-laid plans go awry, preparation can save you.

These tips will help you cover essential preparations for a successful wedding shoot with a little hard work.

  • Determine the couple's style

Are they traditionalists? Are they contemporary? Once you know what they are expecting stylistically, you can capture it!

  • Create a Master Schedule

Consider planning for extra time if you haven't shot weddings before so you won't be rushed or distracted by time constraints.

  • Scout out your locations

Arrive at the venue at least an hour before you begin shooting. Maintain a flow plan throughout the shoot so that you and your clients will stay relaxed.

No matter how much research and preparation you put into preparing, a large degree of learning will come from that first experience. If you have enjoyed this article, you may want to consider your next wedding photography shoot or plan one. While the pressure is on, you'll be just fine if you can take nervous pressure and channel it to anticipated excitement.

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